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Travel Guard

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Travel Guard is America's leading travel insurance plan provider. We specialize in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel service plans for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world. Our industry-leading, comprehensive travel insurance plans are distributed by more than 12,000 travel companies through virtually every distribution channel in the travel industry.

Our comprehensive travel insurance programs include:

  • Per-trip and annual plans
  • Cheap coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, baggage loss and more

Travel Guard provides 24/7-customer service with a personal touch through its World Service Center (1 800 826 4919). By owning and operating our own network of assistance companies, we ensure the highest quality in:

  • Travel Medical Assistance
  • LiveTravel Emergency Service
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
  • Concierge and Personal Assistance

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CSA Travel Protection

CSA Travel Protection takes pride in exceeding our customers' expectations by offering value-driven travel insurance and emergency assistance services backed by excellent customer service, claims handling, and the financial strength of our underwriters. In 2007 CSA insured more than 1.3 million travelers. Your vacation is an investment worth protecting with a travel insurance plan that looks out for you.

Superior Customer Service and Claims Handling We provide excellent customer service and claims handling with a personal touch. We care, we're honest, and we're there when you need us. All calls are answered by a thoroughly trained professional and not an automated system. See our 9-point Customer Pledge to show how we will deliver the best customer service every time, with every customer.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
CSA offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions on its WebDirect Luxe plan. CSA's unique and valuable benefit provides this coverage if the plan is purchased at any time prior to or within 24 hours of final trip payment, a distinctive offering in this industry.

Supplier Bankruptcy and Default
CSA's Supplier Bankruptcy and Default coverage protects you against the bankruptcy of your travel supplier, provided the financial default occurs more than fourteen days after your purchase of the policy. To qualify, you must first purchase a qualified CSA Travel Protection travel insurance and assistance plan (WebDirect Luxe) prior to or within 24 hours of making your final payment.

Emergency Medical Transportation
This valuable service provides you with the peace of mind that a serious medical emergency will not financially devastate you. It also assures that wherever in the world you are, you will be transported to adequate medical facilities should something happen.

Coverage Before, During and After Your Trip
Some policies only cover you only while on board ship or just on your vacation. Unfortunate events can happen en route to and after your trip. That's why CSA travel insurance plans cover you from the day after you buy your policy right up until you return home. In addition, CSA provides identity theft protection with recovery assistance services that lasts for a full six months beginning on trip departure date.

Trip Interruption at 150% of the Trip Cost
We know that interrupting your trip is often more expensive than its original cost. If a trip is interrupted, many competitors' policies only cover up to the original cost and credit cards often won't provide coverage at all. CSA goes even further: We provide a 150% Trip Interruption benefit that helps pay for you to get back home.

Collision Damage Waiver
This travel insurance benefit provides primary coverage if the car you rented on your trip is damaged due to collision, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, windstorm or hail. Because CSA provides primary coverage, in most instances you never need to inform your car insurance agency if a problem occurs. Also, because CSA pays first on these claims, it eliminates the need to purchase additional collision waivers from the rental car companies.

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HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide is a leader in helping world travelers gain access to quality healthcare services all around the globe. HTH combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers' health, safety and peace of mind

Founded in 1997 as Highway To Health, Inc., HTH Worldwide has grown to become a leading provider of international health insurance programs and an innovator in online healthcare information, medical assistance and insurance services around the globe. Presently, HTH annually provides health insurance products or services to over 650,000 individuals who travel, study or live outside of their home country.

HTH Worldwide is the parent entity of Worldwide Insurance Services, Inc., d/b/a HTH Worldwide Insurance Services, a licensed broker and third party administrator, and HTH Re, Ltd., a Class 3 Bermuda-based reinsurance facility. Taken together, these resources make HTH an important specialty insurer and a leader in assisting world travelers gain access to quality healthcare worldwide. HTH specializes in insurance product development, marketing and distribution. HTH also invests in the development of unique assets to assist the global traveler, including a directly contracted international network of medical practitioners and facilities in over 180 countries outside the U.S. The Company's provider network, in combination with online tools and databases and telephonic assistance, comprise Global Health and Safety Services.

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Whether you are traveling across the country or around the world, Travelex Insurance Services has a plan that's right for you. Guard against the unexpected and enjoy worry-free travel with a Travelex insurance plan.

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Worldwide and Annual Trip Insurance